Your chance of catching Covid-19 right now is lower than they ever will be again in 2020.

A lot of people are still terrified to go outside right now. And I’m sorry to tell you, as bad as you think things are now, they will only get worst.

There is an extremely high probability (90%+) that a vaccine will not be made in 2020. There is even a high probability (50%+) that a vaccine won’t be made in 2021. In fact, we have never had a successful Coronavirus vaccine ever!

The age of lockdowns is over. After May, there will…

And what America can do to get through it

The world we knew will not be the world of tomorrow. The new global economy will look like a shadow of the global free-trade economy of the past.

Ray Dalio, chairman of Bridgewater and the world’s best investor, lays this out quite clearly in his new series, The Changing World Order. In short, we’re headed for a worse economic event than anything the world has ever seen.

While the coronavirus was the catalyst for this change, this financial collapse has been decades in the making. Since the 80’s the world has…

The next US election is months away, but at the same time, it is playing out in real-time.

With a rising tide in Nationalism and isolationism, the winning candidate will be the one who embraces a US First mentality and pulls away from the global economy, which has defined our economy for almost a century. The future of America is not a future of free-markets and free-trade. The world that we knew is not the world we will see again for a long time. …

How to Thrive in 2020

When people start to complain about life these days, I often go back to the same phrase: “2020 is just gonna be a weird year.”

Everyone handles change differently. Most people right now are still confused about what to believe in. Some are still in fear. And rightfully so. Because we have lost trust in our institutions to provide us with good advice, people can not understand where the real risks are and where they are going to be.

To sum up, most people don’t know what the right amount of fear should be. They…

Donald Trump conned our country into thinking the virus wasn’t going to matter in January.

He conned us into thinking his administration had things under control in February. We were promised testing. We were promised PPE. We were promised safety!

This mother fucker promised us he had things under control. He didn’t. And things grew at an irreversible pace.

If that offends you then I’ve written a less political version here.

Donald Trump might not make the best decisions, but he’s very good at what he does! He is a conman, and he plays his confidence games to convince people…

Executive Summary

There are only 2 more decisions that are needed to win the war on COVID-19 in the US. A month-long nationwide lockdown in April and masks everywhere on policy in May. If we fail to do exactly that then the loss of life will be magnitudes larger and so will the financial devastation to our economy and way of life.

Finding a Manageable R0

There are a number of measures that are only a month away from us that will make dealing with Covid-19 much more manageable. Things like giving our hospitals more time to prepare and our private sector more time to get…

And only those 65+ and immunocompromised will be asked to stay home

Fast forward a few months and the US should be in much better shape than today. While the pandemic will last for years, its stranglehold on our economy will only last until June or July at the latest. If for no other reason than because the global economy can’t survive a prolonged shutdown. Nor can central banks, currencies, or credit markets. However, the current risk of global health trumps the health of the global economy. …

Destigmatizing CV19

It’s time to break the stigma. It’s time to start letting people know if you have CV19. Openly, honestly, the same as you would if you have a flu. Why? Because it’s imperative that everyone who you’ve contacted for the past week knows that you have it. Things are about to get really weird for a lot of us. Really weird. Different than anything we’ve seen before. The only thing that is going to get us through this is transparency, honesty, and community support. I do not plan for our government to solve all our problems. …

Entering the Coronavirus era

You probably don’t remember where you were the first time you heard about the Coronavirus. Unlike when 9/11 happened, it wasn’t initially clear that the coronavirus was a lIfe changing event. However next week the WHO will announce the coronavirus as an unstoppable global pandemic and you will have your real WTF moment, where you’ll have to come to terms with what is really happening around us.

China is now reporting that without government intervention, the spread of infection is 5x — everyone infected will spread it to 5 others. To put this in perspective, coronavirus…

I just finished my first 5-day fast — that means no food, sugars, carbs, all of that fun stuff for 5 days. To fasting purists, that means 5 days of only water. However, I found there are a few things you can add to the fast that will allow you to retain 95% of the benefits and make it much more enjoyable. And those benefits, according to modern-day noble-prize winning science says fasting for a prolonged time is one of the best things you can do to stay healthy and increase life longevity. …

Gregory Gopman

Imaginative thinker. Emotional Writer. Startup Guy @AngelHack @Akash @CityShips

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