Your chance of catching Covid-19 right now is lower than they ever will be again in 2020.

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A lot of people are still terrified to go outside right now. And I’m sorry to tell you, as bad as you think things are now, they will only get worst.

There is an extremely high probability (90%+) that a vaccine will not be made in 2020. There is even a high probability (50%+) that a vaccine won’t be made in 2021. In fact, we have never had a successful Coronavirus vaccine ever!

The age of lockdowns is over. After May, there will never be a shelter in place again. Economies will open up because they need to, and Covid-19 will continue its infection rate on our population. …


Gregory Gopman

Imaginative thinker. Emotional Writer. Startup Guy @AngelHack @Akash @CityShips

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