Our new best friend!

Here’s a small summary of everything I’ve learned about the current covid situation (Delta + Omicron new wave). I’m a nobody, but I listen to a lot of somebodies. Here’s 3 of my best sources, where most of this info comes from and I implore you to follow/listen to them.

Your chance of catching Covid-19 right now is lower than they ever will be again in 2020.

A lot of people are still terrified to go outside right now. And I’m sorry to tell you, as bad as you think things are now, they will only get worst.

There is…

The next US election is months away, but at the same time, it is playing out in real-time.

With a rising tide in Nationalism and isolationism, the winning candidate will be the one who embraces a US First mentality and pulls away from the global economy, which has defined our…

How to Thrive in 2020

When people start to complain about life these days, I often go back to the same phrase: “2020 is just gonna be a weird year.”

Everyone handles change differently. Most people right now are still confused about what to believe in. Some are still in…

Donald Trump conned our country into thinking the virus wasn’t going to matter in January.

He conned us into thinking his administration had things under control in February. We were promised testing. We were promised PPE. We were promised safety!

This mother fucker promised us he had things under control…

Destigmatizing CV19

It’s time to break the stigma. It’s time to start letting people know if you have CV19. Openly, honestly, the same as you would if you have a flu. Why? Because it’s imperative that everyone who you’ve contacted for the past week knows that you have it. Things…

Gregory Gopman

Imaginative thinker. Emotional Writer. Startup Guy @AngelHack @Akash @CityShips

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