Boiled down: why candidates are standing for election at City College, 4pm on July 9

Momentum Brighton & Hove is supporting the following candidates for election as officers of Brighton, Hove and District Labour Party at its AGM at City College, Brighton, at 4pm on July 9. [Full statements can be found here.]

Mark Sandell — candidate for chair

“I believe Labour should be a bastion of working-class democracy, not a club for career politicians.”

Greg Hadfield — candidate for secretary

“As a socialist from the age of 14, having grown up in a northern mining town, I wanted to help ensure the party never again initiated — or supported — the unlawful bombing and killing of people in faraway lands. In the name of peace.”

Claire Wadey — candidate for treasurer

“I strongly believe that the executive and all Labour’s elected representatives must faithfully and efficiently implement members’ decisions and priorities, as agreed after open debate, whether in general meetings, at party conference, or in a national membership ballot.”

Phil Clarke — candidate for executive committee

“Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership has inspired trade unionists nationwide to re-join our party. I want to continue their involvement, because I believe strong unions, linked to a socialist Labour government under Corbyn, can bring about huge improvements in living standards across Britain.”

Daniel Harris — candidate for executive committee

“I have excellent PR skills, links to press and charities. When I start a project I see it through. I’ve been a campaigner for care-leavers, mental health, housing, and LGBT rights.”

Rebecca Massey — candidate for executive committee

“More than ever team work and an end to personality politics is essential. As a member of the EC I would be interested in developing the work on supporting and communicating with branches.”

Ian McIsaac — candidate for executive committee

“The voices and concerns of many members, predominantly of the left, are often diluted or left in limbo if perceived as dissenting. Under Jeremy Corbyn, the party has regained its core values, these must be reflected within Brighton, Hove and District Labour Party.”

Amanda Nichols — candidate for executive committee

“I work with people adversely affected by austerity, which motivates my support for Corbyn’s policies and leadership.”

James Ellis — candidate to be a Labour Group observer

“If successful, I will use the role to understand better the strategy and decisions of the Labour Group, so that I can report back to members at local party meetings on their key areas of interest.”

Katrina Miller — candidate to be a Labour Group observer

“I have every confidence in Jeremy Corbyn as leader of our party and look forward to influencing policy implementation locally for the greatest benefit across the city as well as developing national party policy in the re-establishment of the NHS, education, and welfare systems for all.”

Garry Meyer — candidate for auditor and Labour Group observer

“I campaigned to get Jeremy Corbyn elected as the Labour Party leader and I have complete confidence in him as the leader of the Labour Party.”

Colin Piper — candidate for auditor and Labour Group observer

“Millions of traditional Labour voters are clearly disaffected by politics. We have to reach out to these people with a message of hope and a vision for a better world.”

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