A Head’s Tale, From the Vintage Hemmings Vault

A HEAD’S TALE master has been found, digitized, and now for the first time in almost 15 years, released for your enjoyment on the Interweb, Tweetbooks and Facetubes!

Ladies and gentlemen, my very first funded documentary ever…the film that convinced me I could make a living following bands around as long as I was slinging a camera…I hope you enjoy…and share… A Head’s Tale!

The year was 2002, I received my first arts grant to produce my first funded film! I bought a Canon GL1 and hit the road from Nashville to Nova Scotia capturing the energy of Jam Band music festival everywhere between. This is the film that seeded the future creation of my company Hemmings House, so it’s some old school footy for y’all to take in. Hope you enjoy!

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