A Lake of Clouds

February 22nd, 2008 — Lake Louise

I arrived at the dark, cold and rainy base of Lake Louise Mountain, excited that I was finally getting a chance to snowboard the Rockies again, despite the weather. You can’t beat riding the high-altitude power fields here, or as the West coast girls that I came with say, “it kicks shredding the gnar pow at these rad alts!”. The significance of this picture is that as the chair-lift took us up to the top of the mountain 2,672 meter above sea level, I was shocked how quickly we rose above the stormy clouds, and how warm, peaceful and beautiful it was to see the world from above with clarity. Looking down at the “lake of clouds” it encouraged me to keep passionately adventuring through life, even if I can’t clearly see the way to my destination. There will be a time that I will rise above the cloud cover, and as Paulo Coehelo says in the Alchemist, find my personal legend.

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