A Rockin’ Night in the Port City.

I play drums in a band called Fox Farm. We were invited to play the Imperial Theatre as part of the Seafarers Mission fundraiser last week. Not only was it a great cause, it was also the chance to play the stage of one of Canada’s finest theatres. We are blessed to have this venue in the heart of our little city that could: Saint John, New Brunswick.

It’s hard to explain the feeling as a musician playing on that particular stage. The acoustics are ridiculously good, and the Saint John theatre crowd is always strong and welcoming to the artists on stage. Before the show the band had a beauty meal at En Sushi…also a national gem. It was a warm spring night, and it was exciting to see so many people walking past the window, waving and popping in to say hello, people have resurfaced on our streets after a quiet winter. Saint John is such a tight community, it’s sometimes easy to take that for granted. I firmly believe that there is strength in ‘small’. We are a small, connected and supportive city that has a heart beat pumping loudly in the uptown core.

After the Imperial Theatre show we stopped by the new Picaroons General Store for a pint of their delicious new stout. My friends at Community Forests International were hosting their international architecture prize event to a packed house. The city was on fire this night, people were out everywhere uptown. Fox Farm was then invited to play a late night set at Taco Pica to a crowded house of music lovers. It was a rockin’ night in Saint John.

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