Business with Baby

June 10th, 2009 — Banff, Alberta

Less than 4 weeks ago we brought our new baby Kaiya into the world, and since day one, she has experienced more in life than I probably have in all of year one of mine! Last week I had to leave her for 6 days as I was in Venezuela shooting a documentary. I ended up missing Kaiya (and my wife Jessica of course!) more than I had expected I would. When I arrived home, I convinced Jessica to fly out the next morning with the baby, to join me on my trip to the Banff International Television Festival. This way I wouldn’t have to miss my new little family! We made the 6 hour flight without a peep from the 25 day old “filmmaker to be”. The conference was an interesting one this year. The traditional global broadcasting industries are falling apart before our eyes; they seem to be moving backwards as the universal digital space is taking major leaps forward. Jessica thought it would be funny to act like paparazzi and take this picture of me outside the conference at the Banff Springs Hotel with iPhone on the ear, and baby carriage on the hand. When people tell me that having a new born brings your life and business to a halt, I now can tell them that they aren’t trying hard enough!

Photo credit: Jessica Hemmings

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