Wolastook Canoe

September 9th, 2009 — Saint John River, New Brunswick

Singer / Song writer Brent Mason and I have collaborated to produce a couple episodes for CBC’s Land and Sea. A few years ago, Brent recorded an album called “Riversongs” that was a musical homage to what is in our opinion, the most beautiful river on earth, the St. John River! I have sailed the Saint John River all my life, as a child we had a summer place on Long Reach, and my ultimate goal is to of course build a home on the great St. John. When CBC approached us to produce an episode for their Land and Sea series, Brent and I jumped to the opportunity. We filmed from the dam down to Fort La Tour, my eyes were re-opened and my love for this river and province renewed. I took this picture of Brent canoeing down river armed with paddle and Martin guitar as he reached his first destination, the first nation’s community St. Mary’s. Brent had the opportunity to interview a few community members as they showed us the two birch bark canoes that they recently built. G.Wayne, one of the canoe builders, made fun of Brent’s “Tupperware Canoe”! He also taught us that the St. John River is actually called the Wolastoq and his people are called the Wolastoqiyuk Nation, also known as the Maliseet. The most amazing benefit of being a filmmaker is the education, we get to meet so many engaging people who share with us some of the most relevant stories, and I just keep learning, or in this case, just keep paddling downriver to Evendale. Whether its in Venezuela filming classical music, in the arctic filming Melting Lands, or right in our backyard on the Saint John River, I am reminded constantly of how beautiful this planet is.

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