Chaos Magick

February 16th, 2008 — Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City, Vision Television and Chaos Magick brought me atop of this rickety ‘ole Chicago rooftop! What is Chaos Magick? And why is it spelled with a letter “K” at the end? Well that’s what I was here for. This day that my sound man, Steve, took my picture, we had filmed an interview of a wizard-like magician that goes by the name “Andrieh” who uses his magical powers to manipulate events and people to fit his will. Vision TV is no longer about Sunday morning evangelistic television, or psychedelic East Indian spiritual programs. Nowadays, they are hiring producers and camera crews to investigate and film supernatural phenomena…things like “Life on Other Planets”, “The Truth of the Antichrist”, and now, “Chaos Magick,” with a K. What did I learn about Chaos Magick? I learned that it is way better to watch it on television than to experience it in person!

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