Cheque is in the Mail!

October 9th, 2009 — Nice, France

My best friend and travel mate Andrew Tidby and I rented a car to explore the winding, narrow, deathtrap roads of the French Alps. We ended up driving as far up the mountain trails as possible. The roads got so narrow that it was almost impossible to fit one car on. We were in search for the castle that we found last year in the same area, but we kept coming to high altitude dead ends! Life without a GPS or a decent map! The views were spectacular. It is a breath of fresh air when you can get out of any city and explore the natural environments, and in this case, the ancient worlds that still are alive, 16th century towns built literally on the side of the cliff faces, old castle ruins, cathedrals, mountains, valleys and flowing rivers! As we descended down the mountain range back towards Nice, we saw a sign for a restaurant that was hand painted with and arrow pointing down. We stopped the car on the edge of a very large cliff and realized that the restaurant could only be reached by walking down a steep winding path through lush valley vegetation and natural rock-stepped footpaths. After an incredible meal over looking the valley of the Riviere St. Jean, the restaurateur came out and presented us with a pre-stamped envelope, Tidby and I were confused. He said “We do not accept credit cards here, but when you go home, and if you feel your meal was worth it, put some cash into the envelope and mail it to me at your convenience.” The restaurant is called Aubergerie del Campo, if you drive North from the city of Nice on highway D2565 to the village of Roquebilliere-Vieux, head North up the winding mountainside and you will find this little gem. When I get back home I look forward to slipping 80 Euros into an envelope and dropping it into the post…double envelopes of course!

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