Christmas Coconuts

December 26th, 2009 — Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

We had a fantastically warm fall this year, I was out riding a motorbike not even 3 weeks ago! As a snowboarder, however, I was really itching for snow all throughout November. Less than 2 weeks ago I headed south of the border to Sunday River for a few days of loving winter on the slopes. This past week over Christmas we received the gift of more snow assuring a white Christmas, just the way it is supposed to be. Today is Boxing Day and Christmas is now over. This morning for the first time I was afraid that the novelty of the winter was quickly wearing off, now that Christmas has passed, I found myself giving up my kicks of mittens, toques and big winter boots to dreams of warm temperatures, sunshine and sandy beaches! The seasonal grass is always greener on the other side of the fence however. I was based in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico for a winter back in 2004. I remember sitting on the beach at Christmas time wishing the opposite of what I was day-dreaming about today; I wished that I was home where it was cold and snow covered. Tonight, as I went through my old photos I was pleased to find this one of two Puerto Rican coconut harvesters. After I took this photo, I paid an American dollar for a fresh coconut with a couple shots of rum added for a little extra Christmas spirit (there is not a large supply of eggnog in San Juan!). This photo helped me realize that I need to celebrate the present always; be in the moment, be alive today right where I am, no matter what the temperature or latitude. In the spirit of contentment, I will strap on my snowshoes, get outside and be reminded about how much I love all four seasons equally. I will also not forget that at one time in my life when I did live in warmth, all I wanted for Christmas was to be somewhere cold, somewhere like home.

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