Cliff Jumping

May 2nd, 2008 — Barbados

I have always had a love for heights. Growing up I would constantly be climbing trees, hiking mountains, exploring roof tops of abandoned General Hospitals! My love for heights comes from my desire to see new landscapes, have new perspectives, and of course, have adrenaline rushes! One of my favourite summertime hangout spots when I was in high school was a place we called the Hole at Silver Falls on the East side of the city, close to the Irving refinery. Silver Falls has an incredible cliff that at its highest point measures about 30 feet. My friends and I would spend days on end jumping off that cliff into a very shallow pool of water at the bottom of the falls. I am sure that now at 200 pounds, jumping that cliff would lead to many broken bones! As an adult, I seem to have tamed my lust for adrenaline. I was working in Barbados and found this incredible cliff on the East side of the island. Jumping off the rock face into the warm Atlantic brought back that thrill that I have not had since the days at the Hole.

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