Colombian Conch

July 2nd, 2009 — Cartagena, Colombia

I had the opportunity to visit the colonial city of Cartagena, Colmbia. This Northern Colombian city that sits on the green waters of the Caribbean Sea is one of the county’s gems of tourist destinations. The city boasts great beaches, amazing food, and an old walled city that reminded me of Porto Portugal, Old San Juan Puerto Rico, or even Quebec City! The modern Cartagena on the other side of the Colonial walls is an economic center for northern Colombia, as well as for the Southern regions of the Caribbean. If you look at pictures online of the city, it is quite an impressive site, the cityscape skyline view looks like any prosperous American or Canadian city. On the waterfront, I took this picture of a conch fisherman. He was very happy to explain to me in his limited English about how he catches conch, and how it is his main source of food and income. It is always interesting to me to see people working hard to make a living in the simplest, and most honest of ways, even if there are skyscrapers and bustling city streets a few meters away.

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