Don’t forget to take a walk at midnight when visiting the arctic.

Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

Hiking in the June Midnight Sun in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.

We flew into Cambridge Bay, Nunavut today. After leaving spring in Whistler for a night in Edmonton, then a visit to Yellowknife, it was fun to be time-machined back to winter again. Cambridge Bay is a centre for scientific scientific research. We spent some time with the scientists the High Arctic Research Centre to discuss issues like climate change, permafrost melt and animal migration changes. We also met medical professionals at the small clinic and learned about the costs and challenges around transporting patients with urgent medical issues by medivac. We had an inspiring conversation with the folks at Kitikmeot Inuit Association and learned how resource sector in the North is mandated to partner with Inuit for employment and to share in the profits. We ended our big day with an hour of discussion about our first of seven Nunavut community visits for our Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference.

My highlight of the day was at the very end of it. We decided to walk around the town after midnight. It was as bright at midnight as it would be at 4pm back home in Saint John, New Brunswick. The low setting midnight sun bounced of the white frozen ocean creating a beautiful reflective light, and magic hour that is rare in taking photos. I took this shot of my friend Shawna, the light made me do it … I couldn’t resist!

My friend Shawna Coxon lit by midnight sun magic hour.

Whether you are in the arctic or somewhere else, or even at home, take the time to walk around when the streets are empty. Take your camera and capture rare moments.

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