Don’t Worry!

December 13th, 2009 — Saint John, New Brunswick

Today I went to visit my grandmother at Rocmaura Nursing Home. Every Saturday she gets to read my postcard in the Telegraph Journal. When the editor at the Telegraph told me that I could write the postcards from my adventures from not only in the present, but also in the past, a whole world of writing opportunities presented themselves! I have been a roamer and a traveler for many years and its fun to be able to write about the highlights of my travelling life that took place sometimes more than 10 years ago. One postcard showed a picture of me hanging off a cliff in Bermuda as the ocean swells gushed in and out making for a dangerous, but thrilling time fighting against the strong currents. My grandmother was very worried when she saw the picture and read the postcard. She said in a concerned voice, “I wish you wouldn’t do things like that, Gregory.” Of course, I had to respond to her saying that most of these risky adventures had taken place many years ago. I’m not quite sure that answer pacified her worries however. Tonight I came across this gem of a photograph, it was back in 1999, my last year of film school in Ontario. My friends Chris Tippet, Jason Tippet, my brother Mark and myself were visiting the famous arches outside Toronto’s city hall at Nathan Phillips Square. Mark was taking photos around the square and was humored to look up and see his little brother and friends climbing things they shouldn’t be climbing. I’m not sure how many feet high the Nathan Phillips arches are, but they are high. We climbed to the top, sat at the apex for a while, then descended without any notice from anyone who would care. I am happy to write about this photo that Mark took tonight to remind Nanny how much I have grown up in 10 years. My definition of adventure is slightly different these days, but the spirit remains!

Photo credit: Mark Hemmings

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