Flying into Hurricane Igor.

In the fall of 2010, hurricane Igor slammed into Newfoundland causing an estimated 100 million dollars worth of damage. It destroyed homes, injured people and caused a fatality. The storm was so brutal that Prime Minister Harper paid a special visit to access the situation; he quickly deployed 900 troops to help initiate the rebuild. Where was I during this monster storm? My crew and I were flying in a small 6 passenger King Air airplane en-route to Gander to film for a client on the Southern Coast of Newfoundland. Earlier in the morning the sky at the Saint John, New Brunswick airport was quiet and clear. Once we hit altitude the morning light started to crack over the horizon. It was clear skies all the way over Nova Scotia, PEI, the Magdalen Islands and then we saw the storm; a perfect dome of grey clouds just off the coast of Cape Breton. I have never witnessed a storm like this from the air with such a clear view. We flew straight into the hurricane.

Our client’s pilots brought us safely and smoothly to Gander in their sleek executive airplane. We walked out onto the tarmac; the winds were blowing at 150 kilometers per hour with pelting rain. We then drove 3 hours to the South coast to hop onto a boat to start our two days of filming on the high seas. I took the above photo out of the window of plane as we flew into Igor. The window had a polarizing gel coating on it which gave the sunrise a rainbow effect. The photo below is us trying to look heroic after landing in the storm.

Seeing the world from an airplane window is something I often get to do, seeing a powerful hurricane from an airplane window however is a once in a lifetime experience.

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