Greg’s Bermuda

December 13th, 2004 — Blue Hole Hill, Bermuda

Bermuda has so many incredible little gems that can keep you adventuring day after day. I have spent a lot of time working on this interesting island. Some of my favorite adventures are not so far off the beaten trail such as the water caves of Admiralty House Park. After you jump off the tall cliffs into the crystal green waters, you can swim into the water cave, then find your way back up to the top of the cliff climbing via a series of winding underground tunnels, reminiscent of Jules Verne’s “A Journey to the Center of the Earth”.

If you sneak onto the Grotto Bay Beach Resort on Blue Hole Hill, you can find two very cool caves with deep and very cold underground lakes, two of these subterranean swim holes do connect if you can hold your breath long enough and see in the dark, I didn’t have the guts to swim down far enough to try! Swimming in a lake deep underground is definitely an adventure that I was happy to experience!

Jobson’s Bay is one of the most unique and isolated little beaches that I found during my many month exploration of this beautiful island country. Jobson’s is a small bay almost completely cut off from the ocean by steep and rugged cliffs. The only opening between the calm waters in the bay and the rough open Atlantic is no more than 12 feet across. A sort of “Reversing Falls” effect happens in this small passage every 45 seconds as the ocean swells go in and out. A friend took this picture of me as I timed it right to swim to the gap while the high waters were gushing out, I grabbed onto the cliff and seconds later the water dropped and left me hanging a few feet higher then I was a moment earlier. Suffice it to say I did get pretty scratched up as the next swell came back and pushed me against the cliff, but war wounds always make for good stories to write about!

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