Haiti “Calm Before the Storm”

I just got home from a film shoot in Haiti. Four days after my visit, Hurricane Mathew hit. The word “calm” is probably not the correct term when describing life in Port au Prince, but there certainly was a sense of organized chaos. Humanity is everywhere, there are 11 million people living in this small country. There is so much activity on the streets, people buying and selling, motorbikes weaving through sardine-packed traffic jams, and kids dressed in perfectly pressed and brought school uniforms making their way to and from school. The post-earthquake Haiti was not anything like what I was expecting. It seemed to me like the country returned to a certain standard of normalcy. Of course my heart broke when I watched four days later on the news as this resilient culture was hit with yet another natural disaster. This photo is a collection of some of my favourite ‘day in the life’ of Port au Prince. In a strange way these photos represent a certain calm before the storm.