Hurricane Rainbow

August 23rd, 2009 — Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia

Hurricane Bill hit the coast of Nova Scotia as a category 1 Hurricane with winds of up to 140kms per hour. The whole city was preparing for the worst. There were no water jugs, flashlights or batteries left on the shelves at the Superstore. Saturday night was windy, but really nothing of concern, but the real fun of the storm climaxed around 10am Sunday morning. By mid-afternoon the harsh rains stopped, but a lot of the city was still without power, and there were fallen branches from trees, and other clutter scattered around the streets and lawns of the residents of Halifax. The winds were still very strong when I decided to grab my camera and make the road trip north to the surfing Mecca of Lawrencetown. I knew the waves would be incredible, and if there were any crazy surfers risking their lives in the waves, I was going to be there with my 300mm lens to film them. I took this picture of the surf just as this rainbow appeared over the horizon. I love a good storm!

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