Keep on Travelin’, Baby!

September 30th, 2009 — Ottawa, Ontario

I am writing this postcard on an Air Canada flight from Montreal to Frankfurt. It has been a busy week of travel and I probably won’t sleep in my own bed more than 3 times in this month. I will be in Cannes France tomorrow night to attend the global television market, MIPCOM, I will be postcarding this adventure in 2 weeks. This morning and yesterday I was in Alma New Brunswick attending the Wallace McCain Institute’s Entrepreneur Leadership Program, I will be postcarding that brain stretching adventure next week. This past Wednesday I was flown to Ottawa to be present at this year’s International Polar Film Festival. My arctic film “Melting Lands” was the final feature of the festival and I was asked to present and have a question answer period. It was an honor to screen my film to this engaged crowd. I brought my wife Jessica and my little adventurous baby Kaiya with me, as it breaks my heart every time I have to travel and be away from them. This was Kaiya’s 6th time travelling by airplane in 18 months, she loves travelling and I think I know where that comes from!

Writing these Postcards for the Telegraph Journal has been a great pleasure as I have been given the opportunity to write about, and share my love for travel, and the adventures of my line of work. The best part for me however is knowing that when Kaiya can read, she will be able to know where dad used to travel and maybe these postcards will inspire her to take the torch and see the world far beyond what I have ever experienced.

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