Kite Flyer

July 10th, 2009 — Île du Havre-Aubert, Quebec

My brother Mark and I climbed to the top of a large hill to take pictures of the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. The view is spectacular over the body of water that crashes against the rugged cliffs of Île du Havre-Aubert, Quebec. The wind was very powerful, the view was awe-inspiring, and the sunset was one of the most vivid I have seen in a long time. Mark brought a small kite with him up the hill to show me his new talents, and I must say after a day of practice he has become a pro kite flyer! I took this picture as I experimented with different setting on my new Nikon D-90. I didn’t manipulate the picture in Photoshop at all, the colors I caught with Mark’s kite flying silhouette are as close to the real view as a camera could capture. Capturing moments in time, like this quick slice of my brother playing with the wind, is what makes photography so magical.

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