Magic Beach

March 8th, 2007 — Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaii is one of my favorite places on earth; there is something magical about the islands that always leaves me speechless when I immerse myself there. My parents took me to Hawaii in grade three. According to my math that would have been 1985. The first journal I ever wrote was on that trip, I would love to find the pages of that little book sometime to remember who I was at that young age, and to understand what Hawaii meant to me the first time I visited. I have had the chance to explore these islands quite a few times since. The photo I took of what my wife Jessica and I call “The Magic Beach”, is an isolated and empty beach on the Polihale State Park. Polihale is where the road ends when driving the around the island of Kauai, from there you must traverse the rugged and breathtaking coast line of the Na Pali Coast State Park by foot for a 2 day hike to reach the other side of the island where the road begins at Ha’ena. Half way between these two points is a commune of very interesting earthy people who have been living there for years, if you have ever seen the movie “the Beach”, this is the real thing.

On the first week of March 07, my best friend Jessica and I were on a surfing adventure in Kauai, this was our second time here together. One morning on the edge of the Waimea Canyon I decided to pull out a ring and pop the big question, considering Jessica and I were not even dating it came as a speechless and overwhelming surprise to her. I can awkwardly write that she didn’t say yes on that cliff top, but I wasn’t completely defeated, she didn’t say no either! That night we had the most magical experience we have ever had together. We found the isolated Polihale, pitched our tent, drank some red wine and didn’t say a word to each other. We sat in comfortable silence listening to the thunderous waves crash against the steep sandy beach only meters from our tent. The next morning Jessica gave me a very confident “Yes”, it was a magical 24 hours and the Polihale beach will forever be the “Magic Beach” for our new family.

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