Old Farm Car

August 4th, 2009 — Georgetown, Ontario

My wife Jessica, our newborn Kaiya and I flew to Ontario in August to meet with Jessica’s mom at her old homestead in Georgetown Ontario. Every summer my mother-in-law Janet spends time on the farm that she grew up on. Jessica and I rented an RV to tour around Southern Ontario this summer. The most intriguing few days of our trip was when we parked our “home on wheels” beside the great silos and fields of the old family farm. Janet’s brothers have kept the farm alive, harvesting corn and soy beans. I was in my element; I took at least 600 pictures of the farm, the barns, the old tractors, the Ford Model T, the old farm house, and countless classic decaying automobiles. I took this picture of the rusted 1964 Chevrolet Viscayne Station Wagon. Janet has clear memories of being driven around in the station wagon back and forth from high school, drama club and other events in and around the town. The thought that crossed my mind when I saw this vehicle, amongst numerous others on the property, was “what stories could these rotting objects tell?”. So much in the world has changed since 1964. I was born 13 years after this vehicle was manufactured. I have images of a brand-new vehicle sitting on a lot and an eager salesman passing the keys to Jessica’s grandfather to a brand new Chev station wagon, perfect for any farm family that needs to get around! I see so much beauty in photographing decay. Oh the stories that can be told!

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