Sunday River Fireworks

December 19th, 2009 — Bethel, Maine

I have been skiing and snowboarding at Sunday River in Bethel Maine for almost 25 years now. My parents used to take us to the mountain a few times every winter, it felt like a second home. We went this weekend to celebrate the resort’s 50th birthday, and it was sweet! It was nice to turn off from work and just enjoy life for a few days. Saturday was sunny at minus 3, and no wind. The snow base was deep, and the riding inspiring. For me there is no other feeling like carving on a snowboard on freshly groomed tracks. My mind lets go and my body just dances its way at high speeds down the slope, creating gigantic snake-like patterns as the board’s edge carves into the slope side. Active outdoor living seems to be in smaller quantities these days than what I would hope for, but this is something I do every year that reminds me how amazing winter is when actively enjoying it on the mountain. After a long day of riding we hit the outdoor heated pool and hot tub before having dinner at the Phoenix restaurant. The view of the mountain from our table on the hill was spectacular, so we had some of the best seats to watch the 50th birthday fireworks show. 20 minutes of finale-quality color explosions! I plan on celebrating Sunday River’s 100th birthday when I am 82, but to do that I need to keep breathing in cold fresh winter air and continue to play outside to keep me alive!

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