The Bicycle Commercials.

I remember the years previous to having my driver’s license, my friends and I would bike EVERYWHERE! It was no big deal for us to bike from Millidgeville to South Bay, or over the ferry and across the Kingston Peninsula. We used to take our bikes into the back woods of what is now the Anchorage Development, and see how muddy we could get in big dirty puddles as we raced our bikes through the brown mess!

My dad used to own a bike shop called the Cycle Center on Rothesay Avenue in Saint John, New Brunswick. I always had the latest gear to look at and play with in the show room and in the front parking lot of his store. Dad would many times lead us kids on great cycling adventures across PEI, in Nova Scotia from Digby to Bridgewater, or down to Deer Island to Campobello and Machias, Maine. Riding a bike used to be a part of who the young Greg Hemmings was. Then, as I mentioned earlier, I got my license and just stopped biking.

A few months ago I bought a new bike from the same store my dad owned when I was a kid. It’s fun getting back into it after a twenty year hiatus.

One of our film crew took this picture of Cinematographer Marcel Gallant and I framing a shot of our star character Neil as he mounted his bike for a TV commercial we were shooting for the Halifax Cycling Coalition; a non profit that has a mandate to get people’s butts off their couches, or out of their cars and onto their bicycles.

Want to watch the three commercials? Check them out here:

Neil’s Story:

Avra’s Story:

Madeline’s Story: