The Most Postcard-Perfect Place in the WORLD!

Nestled just off the coasts of the island of Petit Martinique in the Caribbean is a small little 50 foot bar of sand that is the smallest registered island in the world. The only structure on the island is a postcard-perfect thatched sunshade, planted like an umbrella in the white sands. The island is surrounded by crystal clear green waters with a coral reef making it very difficult to navigate anything but a small dinghy through. The other very notable feature of this island is a beer cap opener attached to the underside of the thatched umbrella-very convenient if you were stranded to fend for yourself with some tough-to-open beer bottle caps.

If you look up Morpion Island on Google Maps, there is a small text that actually covers the island itself that reads “Engagement Umbrella”, Google doesn’t leave out even the smallest of details do they? Another interesting fact is that the umbrella is one of the most photographed images for Caribbean postcards!

I took this picture of my friend/actor David Miller after a long day of filming in the sun for a TV series pilot that our good friend and filmmaker Andrew Tidby was producing. We sailed throughout the Grenadine Islands on a beautiful catamaran for a week, dropping anchor at all the best spots. Considering these blog posts are my postcards, I figured that I might as well join the masses and create a postcard myself…here it is! I call it

“Miller stranded alone on Morpion Island under an umbrella with a beercap opener with no beer to open.”

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