Photo credit: Carla S Araujo

This Would Have Been the One

This is the tree
The one where we would have rested
The one where we would have
made our promises
We walked past it
on our walks here
I knew it was special to you
Your eyes lingered on it a little more
each time
Its branches reaching out to us
each time

We would have come to it holding hands 
We would have rested at its roots

Like the ground that nourishes them
the roots are genuine
unable to tell lies
Its leaves would have shielded us

Like the wind that rustles them
the leaves are forthright
stating without apprehension their intentions

We would have vowed
to love each other always
without apprehension without lies
We would have…
Then suddenly
you decided on a different path
one away from the genuine roots
the forthright leaves

And now the tree still stands
while each day I
with my dumb loyalty to nurtured bonds
tend to the fallen leaves
struggle with the roots of what was
in hopes that it blossoms again