Woodshedding means to practice or hone skills, particularly musical skills which poetry is the bald headed step-child of. The origin is from the fact that, for purposes of privacy, people would go to their woodshed to practice without being overheard
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This page is a compilation of my writing. There is mostly poetry as well as some short pieces of which some is autobiographical, some creative non-fiction, others bald face lies, and still others a combination of all of the above. I am working on a novel so perhaps snippets of that will appear here when it feels right and yearns for the light of day.
I am also a human rights observer volunteering in Honduras so some links to my reporting on the situation of human rights violations appear here as well.
Please feel free to offer feedback, constructive criticism, high praise or lowly contempt for what you read here. Respond to a particular piece or shoot me an email:greg_mccain@yahoo.com

Murika, Right or Wrong! Wait… What? is written in the fine tradition of contrarian ranting.

Nothing Prepares You comes out of my experience as a human rights monitor and reporter in Honduras accompanying communities struggling for dignity and justice while under attack by the ruling elite of that country and the US complicity in the human rights violations.

How to Vote Your Conscience in a Rigged System couldn’t find a publisher on Medium. Perhaps this platform is more center right and dependent on the existing status quo to entertain a jolt of reality.

Hindsight Stabs at My Heart is published in Poets Unlimited

To Perish in a Grand Demise is published in Poets Unlimited

After the Experience of You is published in Poetry After Dark

A message from your lord and savior:

What Revives Me is published in Poets Unlimited.

Lost in the Sheets is published in Poets Unlimited.

Loved… Lost… is published in Poets Unlimited. It is reincarnation from an atheist’s perspective.

Arbor Day is published in Poet’s Unlimited. It was inspired by the photo seen below taken of a tree at Chicago’s lakefront in the Rodger’s Park neighborhood.

Chance and Change is published at The Weekly Knob. It sprung from nowhere as a response to the prompt “coins” by the editors.

The Tupelo Two-Step is published in Two Thousand Words. It springs from my memories of working in a shelter for the homeless in Chicago in the early 1990s.

The Overwhelming Feeling of You is published in Poet’s Unlimited. It comes from experience both personal as well as springing from my writing experience. It has been through several revisions with the first draft having been written in 2011. Over the course of 5 years, as my personal experiences accumulated, so did the poems content.

4 YEARS is published in Poets Unlimited. A memory poem that began life as a visual poem (see below).

Weight of the Heart is published in Poets Unlimited.

Once Inside is published in Poets Unlimited.

We, all alone seeking is published in Poets Unlimited. It is influenced by the poetry and monologues of Samuel Beckett.

Grade School Daze is a very short memory piece. As with all memories, this may be a conjoining of different memories or it may not have happened at all, but has been constructed by my mind into a memory that I can vividly recall. The part at the end of the discovery made in the Principal’s office may have been told to me by a friend or brother, but I recall it as if it happened to me.

The Forest Floor is published in Poets Unlimited. It was constructed from a dream that I had of pursuing a lost love up a tree.

Water’s Edge is published in Poets Unlimited. Another poem of lost love. When the heart breaks open, it’s best to quickly catch what spills out.

Reporting from Honduras

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