The Ultimate Guide To Medium

by @gregmuender

There are nine chapters in this eBook. You can click on any below to go directly to them, or you can start with Chapter 1 and proceed in order.

Chapter 1: Introduction
“Medium feels like a place where you are truly welcome to come in, have a seat, and speak your mind. Or listen. Or both.” (18 Minutes)
Chapter 2: Understanding
“Medium matters because of what it is: something that looks really familiar, but is actually quietly something truly new.” (24 Minutes)
Chapter 3: The Editor
“Having to go back and forth between your creation tool and your creation is like sculpting by talking.” (10 Minutes)
Chapter 4: Composing
“If your 5 year old child and your grandmother can both enjoy the post, you hit the sweet spot. Keep it simple, easy to understand and relate to.” (37 Minutes)
Chapter 5: Publishing
“The design makes me want to read. Words are art and they are being treated like that on Medium.” (23 Minutes)
Chapter 6: Publications
“We now live in a world of infinite information…you’d never get through all the content you’re interested in. You need a place to start.” (18 Minutes)
Chapter 7: Promoting
“Attention is the precious commodity of the super-connected era.” (31 Minutes)
Chapter 8: The Future
“We are continuing to evolve and build Medium. The site is written in code, not cast in stone.” (9 Minutes)
Chapter 9: The Last Word
“What there is always a shortage of…is courage to say the exceptional thing, to be an individual, to stand up for your beliefs, even if they aren’t popular.” (12 Minutes)

Why the book is published on Medium, instead of a more traditional ebook format.

Medium has not endorsed or produced this book, and this is only an unofficial guide.