Barefoot Water Skiing in the Guinness Book of World Records

Greg Sample, president of Zagato Business Analysis, has more than three decades of experience as a financial professional and business leader in the Ft. Myers, Florida, area. A longtime Florida resident, Greg Sample enjoys engaging in a variety of outdoor and aquatic activities, including barefoot water skiing.

Mr. Sample, in fact, holds the world record for the most barefoot water skiing tumble turns over a 60 second period, as confirmed by Guinness World Records. As the name of the trick suggests, individuals begin a barefoot tumble turn by taking to the water without the aid of water skis. From that point, individuals must crouch down, lay their back on the water, and complete a 360 degree turn before returning to their feet. Sample’s 33 tumble turns in one minute equate to one turn every 1.8 seconds, a dizzying accomplishment indeed.

Guinness has tracked a variety of additional barefoot water skiing records over the years. Scott Michael Pellaton of California completed a quarter mile course at 135.74 miles per hour in 1989, the fastest recorded speed for a barefoot water skier. Fellow Floridian Banana George, meanwhile, became the oldest individual to successfully complete a barefoot water skiing run at the age of 90 years and 29 days.

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