Costa Rica’s Biodiverse Manuel Antonio National Park

Greg Sample is a longtime entrepreneurial presence in Alva, Florida. He facilitates seminars that enable financial professionals to expand their operations. An avid traveler, Greg Sample has visited numerous scenic locales across Florida and has also explored many locations throughout the Caribbean.

One of Mr. Sample’s favorite destinations is Costa Rica, which features the well-traveled beach hub of Puerto Viejo on its Caribbean Coast and broader, less developed beaches on the Pacific side. Known for its lush waterfalls and well-protected volcanic landscape, Manuel Antonio National Park is a highlight on the Pacific.

The park is known for its diversity of sloths and for hosting the country’s four indigenous monkeys, the howler, spider, squirrel, and white faced. It is also home to nearly 200 species of birds, from woodpeckers to toucans. Along the coast, surfers descend upon the area seeking large swells during the winter season and the marine-life-rich waters of Manuel Antonio are a center for sea kayaking and scuba diving.

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