60 Years of Wedded Bliss

A few weeks ago my family had a barbecue to celebrate my grandparents’ 60th anniversary.

We passed the hours on a sunny August afternoon gabbing about the Olympics and the election, and of course eating delicious barbecued food. Then, not unlike other special gatherings, a cake was brought out. However this cake was different; this cake had my grandparents’ wedding picture on it.

I (and the rest of my family) remain dumbfounded by the fact that six full decades have passed since the two of them posed for a picture at their wedding.

Few people are fortunate enough to experience a 60th anniversary, and so I took three photographs quickly, in a feeble attempt to capture such a special moment.

My grandmother and grandfather looked down at the two people printed on the cake, and their younger selves, standing side by side, stared right back at them.

I thought about all that they had experienced since their wedding day. They have gone through so many happy times and also some rough times… but always together.

The first photograph taken

Now sitting next to one another, the couple was surrounded by a family they created. Admiring the cake, my grandfather asked if we were going to have to eat them. Most of the family laughed, but my grandfather continued gazing at the cake.

My grandmother looked over at my grandfather, as if that picture from their wedding had just been taken a few hours earlier. He was still her groom, and she was still his bride. To them, perhaps, it seemed as if no time had passed at all.

The second photograph taken

Although six decades had flown by since they posed as newlyweds in a beautiful white gown and a handsome white tuxedo, the two continue to lovingly take care of one another.

My grandfather turned his chair to put his arm around his wife’s shoulder, and together they blew out the candles on the cake.

Smiling, my grandfather exclaimed, “60 years… 60 years of wedded bliss”.

The third photograph taken
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