Birth of a Blogger

I once heard Maya Angelou say, “Some day I think we will be able to measure the power of words. I think they are things. I think they get on the walls, they get in your wallpaper, they get in your rugs, in your upholstery, in your clothes, and finally into you.” Since seeing that interview on television many years ago, and perhaps subconsciously beforehand, I have held a great appreciation for the power of words.

Scanning YouTube has since become one of my favorite activities. I watch poets like Maya Angelou evoke emotions with their mastery of the English language. I watch leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. inspire with their natural ability to engage an audience. I watch comedians like George Carlin cleverly dissect common phrases and every day routines. It’s safe to say that like the late great Maya Angelou, I also believe words are powerful things.

My appreciation for words has led me to this point, as I am writing my very first blog post. If I am speaking honestly with you, I’m truly quite nervous to be doing this. I’ve only ever written things for myself. Yet, at the same time there’s something very exciting about creating something that never existed before and then sharing that story or essay with other people. I will likely not be able to evoke emotion like Maya Angelou, inspire like Dr. King, or make people laugh at the absurdity of every day life like George Carlin. I wouldn’t dare challenge the greats. What I will do is offer you stories that you might find interesting, funny, happy, and at times sad. I will challenge myself to be a better writer, and to be more purposeful with my words. I hope you will enjoy my posts on this site, and I hope to some of you, my words will be powerful.