The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

Basically, you only apologized for the lame way she died. Stray bullet to the strongest character one the show, still can’t believe how you could think of that in the first place.

When you’re gonna talk about how you baited the community, long after Lexa was already dead? When you’re gonna bring up inviting fans to the set of season 3 finale on the same day that s3 premiere was airing in tv? When you’re gonna finally apologize for using us all for the ratings of the show?

Lastly, what we know now — you brough Lexa for the s3 finale only to “kill” her again!? Do you even realize the heartbreak people experienced the first time she died? Now we’re gonna have to say goodbye to her once again? Seriously, go have fun writing the Bellarke storyline for s4, because it will be the last one you get anyway.

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