Before I get too corny, I just want to say this: while I hated high school, almost as much as it hated me, I friggin’ wish I was in high school now. I mean, of course I don’t, but I so do. Mostly I don’t because, while I was a short freshman in 1991, I’m downright minuscule by today’s standards. Especially compared to high school girls. Not that I’m comparing myself to a high school girl, I leave that for my friends to do. I’m just saying, it’d be completely demoralizing to be as short as I was at 14 (which isn’t much shorter than I am now) around so many females who would rank as the tallest Hirshberg ever, before they’re old enough to drive. Because look, females are intimidating enough (no matter your age, and more so if you’re married) but it’s a whole different ball game if they have to literally look down at you.

So forget all that, high school looks amaze-balls in 2016. I’m very much pro-daughter-go-to-college, but with all that is available to her, just in high school, it almost seems excessive. For example, she’s taking a broadcasting class, and the skills she’ll learn along with the equipment and software she will become well versed at using, really seems like enough to qualify her for an entry-level position. Assuming she continues to take the available-related classes, through-out high school. They’ll work on writing for television and screen plays, creating commercials and music videos as well as web design. I’d go back just to take that class. But I’d stay, because it seems like the whole school is designed to ensure each student succeeds. And hindsight being 20/20 and all, I’m confident my ADD would have been caught well before I barely graduated high school and was asked by the University of Kansas to no longer write them checks, after I spent years wondering what was wrong with me. Based on all that is available at her school, she should graduate with more skills in her toolbox than most of the people I work with. And I work with some pretty talented people. So yeah, for the first time since middle school, I kinda-sorta wish I was currently in high school.

Now for the corny. Okay, I didn’t pace in a waiting room, or spend an hour ensuring the car seat was securely installed. I wasn’t there to change diapers, or rock her to back to sleep at 3am. I didn’t get to run and grab a camera to try and capture first steps, or just sit by a crib and watch her sleep. And I’ve never regretted that I missed out on expiring those moments with a child of my “own,” I just always wished I had experienced every one of those moments, and more, with this Kyd. She is 100% my daughter. You can tell by the sarcasm and the stubbornness (some of which, she also picked up from her mother).

But what I’ve seen and experienced, has been truly amazing. First days of school, learning to swim and ride a bike. First flights and the fingers that stayed cross long after a successful take-off. The first time she saw the ocean and seeing her giggle as she ran along the Pacific. Sleepovers and sleepless nights. Glowing report cards, and awe-inspiring creativity. The way she lights up when discussing her “boys” that she worked with in the adaptive class (my personal favorite) and even the slammed doors, eye rolls and infuriating attitude. And now, mother effin’ high school. Are you kidding me?! It doesn’t literally blow my mind, only it literally blows my mind. How the years have passed so quickly, that even Usain Bolt couldn’t keep up. We’ve captured so much of it on camera, but like any other trip, the photos never do it justice. We had “back to school” night last night, and something struck me as funny; it felt a lot like the first day of high school. While all the other parents tried to look cool, calm and collected, they actually looked just as excited and terrified. Just like every other freshman.