Smash and Grab Job

To start off, I’m going to take a moment to pat myself on the back. Back in 2011, I had the idea for remaking Ocean’s 11 with an all-female cast (seen here) and I had even gone as far as to cast Sandra Bullock for a role in movie. Now, sadly, I recently learned that I wasn’t the first to arrive at this idea. Mindy Kaling also raised the idea in her memoir, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” which was also released in 2011. So I have to find peace with the fact that I didn’t get there first, but if I’m thinking of similar ideas as Ms. Kaling, I’m doing alright.

In addition to this self-congratulatory moment, I’m also pretty proud of Facebook review of Ocean’s 8, to the point that I believe it is worth repeating here. “A movie going first, for me. At the end of the movie, we heard an audience member make a sound that perfectly summed up the entire experience. The man was snoring.”

Okay, the Trump-ish moment of this post is over. Watching Ocean’s 8 and then listening to the Ringer produced podcast, ‘The Rewatchables’ which covered Ocean’s Eleven, I found myself playing my favorite game, which you’ve probably never heard of. A little game, I liken to mental Tetris, and can be played alone or with geeks cut from similar cloth. It’s pretty simple, you take a movie (or a television show), and simply….re-cast the main characters. It’s exactly the game I was playing back in 2011, when I casted both a black Ocean’s Eleven cast and the female-centric cast. So in the spirit of rebooting, I’m rebooting my recasting of the original Ocean’s Eleven remake. And if you’re wondering, “why do this?” Well, it’s not the money. It’s because the house always wins, unless that perfect hand comes along, and you bet big. Well, here’s my bet: