An Urgent Message to Jeremy Corbyn, Owen Jones, et al. on the Sacking of Chris Williamson

A Make or Break Moment for Labour Has Arrived

Gregor Flock
Feb 28 · 7 min read

So it turns out that loyal Corbynist and Shadow Cabinet member Chris Williamson got booted from the British Labour Party due to once again successful anti-semiticism smears. His ‘crime’ consisted in wanting to show in Parliament the Jewish Voice for Labour supported documentary movie WitchHunt about the Labour expulsion of the black and Jewish anti-racist campaigner Jackie Walker for, you may have guessed it, anti-semitism!

Williamson, a person of highest integrity who is for instance also on the right side of history in regard to Venezuela and the U.S. plans to steal their oil

is just the latest victim in a long row of worthy figures such as George Galloway, Ken Livingstone, Marc Wadsworth or the already mentioned Jackie Walker who were unjustly smeared out of Labour by Blairist and pro-Israel propagandists and liers, i.e. by enemies of (genuine) Labour.

The Usual Suspects Are At It Again

Now one would think that progressive Labour hopefuls — and especially the party leader Jeremy Corbyn — might have learned their lesson, that they would understand that there are many traitors of a just cause in the party and that these traitors need to be dealt with before they destroy progressive Labour.

This applies in particular for the parliamentarians who are listed supporters of the Labour Friends of Israel (LFI), a well known front organisation for the state of Israel whose centrist to right-wing members agitate against generally pro-Palestinian Corbyn and his allies and progressive Labour at every opportunity.

So to me, it does not come as a surprise at all that 6 out of 8 of those no longer particularly welcome and now ex-Labour members who defected from Labour to the newly formed The Independent/Israel/Irrelevant Group (TIG) — Luciana Berger, Mike Gapes, Chris Leslie, Joan Ryan, Angela Smith, Chuka Umunna — are members of the LFI. Note that Gavin Shuker who now heads TIG also got deselected in Labour and that Joan Ryan, who also features prominently in the hugely important documentary The Lobby, is the head of the LFI.

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson and (other) Labour MPs such as Yvette Cooper and Louise Ellman, three duplicitous hypocrites and moral posturers who called for Chris Williamson’s expulsion from Labour, are likewise all members of the LFI.

Lessons Not Yet Learned

Yet others such as Guardian columnist and progressive Labour member Owen Jones seem to have learned nothing from these past events and from the crystal clear picture that presents itself, for instead of defending Chris Williamson, he panders to those who want to and are about to destroy progressive Labour, one expulsion of key members for trumped up AS-charges at a time. As the first post of a thread, Owen Jones writes

But Williamson was not at all out of order. Owen Jones is, for one simply does not allow one’s lying opponents to frame the debate to that extent. Their very clear intention is to frame key progressive Labour members as anti-semites so that they can get rid of them since Labour was stupid enough to accept the IHRA definitions of anti-Semiticism which, for instance, the Tories did not accept, but of course no one bats an eye at that disparity. Williamson’s passionate suggestion to stop being so apologetic is exactly correct, for that way, Labour would stop framing the debate in a way that is in their lying opponents’ favor. The entire AS-farce is after all a distraction from the real issues, such as Israel’s murderous ways with the Palestinians or the crumbling NHS, for instance. But Owen Jones and other in this respect immense disappointments such as Ash Sarkar

apparently have yet to learn how not to play into their opponents’ hands and how to get their priorities straight, especially when it comes to being loyal to a much more important Labour member than they will ever be, by the looks of it.

It is, I am afraid to say, also a permanent curse of many in the left that they are unable to support each other properly. They would rather squabble over minor differences and issues of political correctness that threaten their entire movement than close rank. I have also noticed that in my own country where the Green party got wiped out in the last general election due to a) idiotic internal squabbles instead of cohesion, b) a replacement of genuine political content with political correctness and c) the effective removal of a key party and parliament member Peter Pilz from the voting list (interestingly, he made it into parliament with a list of his own). Sometimes that is all it takes to get wiped out, and that is exactly what I see in British Labour too right now — the perfect and usual recipe for disaster.

Those Who Get It

There are also those who get it such as Mr. Galloway

or Shabbir Lakha, the author of an article on Counterfire and someone from whom Owen Jones could still learn on thing or two:

What Would Stalin Do?

What also perspires here is that leftists are far too nice to their mentally and morally sick opponents. There is not much that those who want to see Corbyn and allies and the very decent human beings and politicians that they are removed wont stoop to. And yet a dreaming Owen Jones wants to appease them and be politically correct. What a ridiculous and entirely inappropriate attitude.

In case you have not yet noticed Mr. Jones and consorts, there is a war going on called “class war.” And in case you have not noticed that either, their class is currently winning it as billionaire class member Warren Buffett stated in 2006. In the meantime, the less well off members of your and my class — the 99% — are dying on the streets, sometimes even in front of parliment and close to Christmas as a result of that class war by the 1% against the 99%.

So instead of a your and others mild-mannered ‘What would Jesus do?’ kind of approach that has so far failed gloriously in certain key respects, we need a far more extreme, harsher, radical and politically incorrect and yet entirely appropriate course of action that I am inclined to dub the “What would Stalin do?” kind of approach or at least attitude.

The means that Stalin would employ to achieve Corbyn’s ends are pretty obvious: Execute or send to the gulag every single traitor within Labour, of course after proper interrogation as to where their actual allegiance lies. All the Watsons, Hodges, Ryans, Ellmans, Leslies, etc. — and of course that war criminal Blair — would get systematically destroyed. That would have the great advantage that they can no longer do harm to Corbyn, progressive Labour and society as a whole. Stalin would have understood that, to get things done, you need to consolidate power and not be politically correct about how you achieve that, especially when your opponents are not squeamish about means either.

Owen Jones in the meantime tries to be politically correct. But you CANNOT allow yourselves to be as weak and nice as you currently are — and note that the Oxford English Dictionary traces “nice” back to “stupid” — , Mr. Jones and, yes, also Mr. Corbyn and others. If you want to do good for society and right by the people, then you need to realize that class war is on and that you need to be willing and able to DESTROY ANYTHING AND ANYONE from the 1% that foolishly gets in the way of the people’s best of interests.

I understand that this approach may be messy at times and that the faint of heart may balk at it, but contrary to entirely inappropriate Mr. Nice Guy behaviorisms with which Corbyn, Jones et al. are just shovelling progressive Labour, their political legacy and the best of interests of the 99% an early grave currently, more Stalinistic methods WOULD ACTUALLY GET THE JOB DONE, because someone who is at the very least politically destroyed can no longer scheme how to sell off the NHS, how to pit whites against non-whites, implement trickle down economy or engage in pay to play politics or backstabbing — all for the exclusive benefit of the 1% and, of course, themselves.

And hey, who knows, with enough destruction maybe we could just pull off great things such as radical carbon and also methane emission decreases in the about 12 years that scientists told us that we have in order to stop catastrophic climate change. We as a human global society could also do many other awesome things — for instance give everyone around the globe a basic income and totally end hunger, poverty, needless conflicts and all that — , but little to nothing of that is going to happen unless we are really prepared to go for the throat of all those parasites and psychopaths in high places that continuously stand in the way.

Stalin’s Way or the Highway

My recommendation for Mr. Corbyn, Mr. Jones and other (wannabe) progressives is thus very simple and obvious: Stop being so nice/stupid, get all the good guys such as Galloway, Livingstone, Wadsworth and Williamson back, and start destroying Blair, Watson, and all the other usual suspects in any way you can. Otherwise, they will destroy you and progressive Labour, and that should not be allowed to happen because you are generally a force for good and they are not. And if you kinda like the idea but are too weak to do the destroying yourself, then you need to hire Enforcers who would happily do the destroying for you.

Gregor Flock

Written by

independent philosopher (, independent journalist, Global Civil Society Network founder & ed.-in-chief (

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