Britain’s Israel Problem: On the Ongoing Israeli Infiltration and Undermining of British Politics

Gregor Flock
Aug 19, 2018 · 7 min read
Shai Masot, a former Israeli embassy situated ‘manager’ of the Tory and the Labour Party

The Israeli Government’s Smearing of Political Opponents via ‘Independent’ Front Organisations

To further their own selfish and insane goals and before being taken down by the Allied Powers, the Nazis ruthlessly smeared good people with legitimate concerns as “Un-German.” To further his own selfish and insane goals and before being taken down by the legendary Edward R. Murrow and drinking himself to death, a junior US senator by the name of Joe McCarthy ruthlessly smeared good people with legitimate concerns as “Un-American” or “Communists” . Why then is it so hard to understand for some people that, in order to further its own selfish and insane goals, the Israeli government and its agents are ruthlessly smearing good people with legitimate concerns as “anti-semitic”?

So despite there being cases of anti-semiticism that need to be taken seriously and dealt with accordingly, the current anti-semitism charges against Corbyn and other principled progressives boil down to little but propaganda of a gone insane Israeli government, and the case — presented in a deductive argument with true premises — is exceedingly obvious:

P1: The apartheid and war crimes committing Israeli government would like to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn and principled progressive Labour since the latter are rightly opposed to the former’s apartheid and war crimes committing ways.

P2: The apartheid and war crimes committing Israeli government maintains supposedly independent front organizations which it has founded or infiltrated such as the Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) headed by Joan ‘Million Pound Baby’ Ryan or the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) headed by Ella ‘Worked for the Israeli State/Die in a Hole’ Rose.

(See the Asa Winstanley from “The Electronic Intifada” and the MUST WATCH four part documentary The Lobby for earlier reporting on this).

P3: These Israeli government fronts are (obviously) the extended arm of the Israeli government.
C: Therefore, these ‘independent organisations’/Israeli government fronts and agents are trying to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn and progressive and principled Labour.

And they cannot do so by argument, for if that proper means of settling things were to be employed, we and they know that they would lose and be revealed as the lying apartheid war criminals or unprincipled opportunists that they are. As such, they instead resort to slander, slur and smear, hoping to score some below the belt points among those who are not paying attention.

Hiding in Plain Sight

The astonishing thing is that these fronts for the war criminal and apartheid regime of Israel are barely hiding that they are fronts. The ‘Labour Friends of Israel’ or, to de-Orwellianize this term, the Israeli Foes of Labour for instance (and besides trying to paint Corbyn as an anti-semite) spout propaganda in favour of the thoroughly discredited White Helmets organization which just so happens to be the most well-known front group for all the players — including Britain, Israel and the nutjob terrorist groups in Syria— who want to get rid of Assad for various reasons such as the usual one.

More interestingly, a blatant admission of the true nature of these front organisations for Israel can be found in the Jewish Labour Movement’s “about” section where its “aim” and one of its “values” are stated as follows (I will use that as the two premises of another argument):

P1 (Our aim): To organise and maintain a political movement of Jewish people within the UK Labour Party and the international labour movement.

P2 (values): To promote the centrality of Israel in Jewish life […]

a screenshot from the JLM hopepage “about” section, August 19, 2018

First, I fail to see the beneficialness of the stated aim: What’s the point of an unnecessary faction within Labour, especially given that factions and factitiousness are one of the big problems in politics in general? The ethnic origin or religion simply does not and should not matter in a fundamentally secular and (despite the opportunistic brayings of one C.U. who will soon be political history) non-racist party such as Labour. It’s one big and growing movement and any internal divisions in terms of people’s ethnicity or religion — think of the absurdity and counterproductiveness of, e.g., a white Catholic branch of Labour — should have no place in it. Period.

Second: What the f**k is the passage/value “the centrality of Israel” doing in an organisation of supposedly British nationals!? For properly British people, it should obviously be Britain that is “central” or first in terms of countries, governments, states or allegiances and not (to put it in Margaret Hodgian terms) the “fucking” apartheid, war criminal, international terrorism supporting (Syria) and international human rights violating rogue state of Israel!

Thirdly and in order to come to the ultimate point of that Israeli government front organization openly stating its actual purpose: Aim/P1 and value/P2 generally combine to the conclusion of

C: (aim & value): To organise and maintain the centrality of Israel within the Jewish part of the UK Labour Party.

In other words: What is going on here is the blatantly obvious hijacking of a British political party by the state of Israel and its agents, and the only proper way for the Labour leadership to handle this and the manufactured anti-semitism charade is to completely and utterly stamp out that infiltration by kicking all of these agents of a foreign and hostile power out of Labour as fast and as decisively as possible (and, ideally, into the closest prison cells).

More Sordid Details

The Near Complete Infiltration of the Tories

If you think that the above situation is bad, wait for the infiltration numbers for the Tory Party. From the 3:35 mark of part one of the above documentary: “Out of the 40 new MPs who just got in at the last election … all of those ones were in the CFI, Conservative Friends of Israel.”

These numbers are confirmed in a recent article: “It is claimed that 80 per cent of Conservative MPs and MEPs are signed up Friends of Apartheid Israel so they happily do as they are told.”

So not very suprisingly, the spineless Tories are falling all over themselves and going like: “Infiltrate us! Shower us with manna from the coffers of the Israeli state and intelligence services. We’ll do whatever you want!” It should also be noted that the Israeli infiltration of the Tory ‘pay to play’ Party seemingly goes all the way to the top:

What this is is nothing less than a first class national security emergency, the hijacking of the leadership of one country by another that would need to sound off all sorts of alarms in the general population as well as in MI5 and MI6. Because given that situation, that selling out of the Tories to Israeli interests, can ‘Great’ Britain still be regarded as a sovereign nation? Or has it perhaps already become something like a banana republic that is being controlled by Israel through Theresa ‘Je suis traitor’ May and other spineless sellouts?

In case you should think that this sounds too outlandish, that I am just playing on anti-semitic sentiments, please take note of the similar opinions of former British defence minister and grandson of Winston Churchill Sir Nicholas Soames and shadow secretary Thornberry:

Sir Nicholas compared the activities of the Israelis to the KGB.

He told me: “This ranks as the equivalent of Soviet intelligence in what they are doing to suborn democracy and interfere in due process.”

Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry rightly noted that this is a “national security issue”. As such it demands a very serious investigation.

As such, it should be clear that Britain and British politics has not so much an anti-semiticism problem but rather a gigantic Israel problem that is covered up with in many cases preposterous charges of anti-semitism coming right out of the mouths of the treasonous and traitorous agents of Israel such as Margaret Hodge, Joan Ryan and Ella Rose who all need to expelled from Labour and, in my view, interrogated by MI5 for obvious reasons.

a short addendum to the Margaret Hodge case

As for what to do with the basically lost Tory Party: Declaring a state of emergency and disbanding it sounds about right at this point, but I would (merely voicing my opinion here) also be ok with a revolution avec ou sans chopping block for the degenerate ‘elites’ who in any event need to be removed from power, one way or another — at least if humanity, other beings and this planet as a whole want to have a prosperous and sustainable future.

And now, how about a nice cup of tea:

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