Collective Anti-Semitism Hysteria in Britain: Meet the Producers and a Look into the Minds of Those Affected

Gregor Flock
Aug 22, 2018 · 6 min read

Meet the Producers of Britain’s Anti-Semitism Hysteria

Aside from the already mentioned and judged to be Israeli front organizations Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) and Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) there are also other Israeli or Jewish organisations who are working very hard to stifle legitimate criticism of Israel’s war criminal and apartheid ways by slandering anyone who issues that criticism as antisemitic. Judging from the information provided by the documentary The Lobby, it seems relatively safe to assume that We Believe in Israel can also be added to that circle.


Their alleged objectives and my suggested corrections:

Note that most of these activities are organized behind the scenes via the Israeli embassy:

Israeli embassador to GB Mark Regev discussing how to smear Corbyn and progressive Labour

Among the comparatively ‘classier’ organisations that participate in those smears and propaganda efforts, we can also find the umbrella organisation Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) who for instance bitch about Jeremy Corbyn like this. Perhaps most importantly, there is the 1899 founded Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland (ZFUK) that was involved in the Balfour Declaration of 1917. The aims & values are not overly surprising:

“ZF stands up for Israel in all forums, both nationally and internationally. From the media, to civil society, to the political establishment, The ZF is proud to support the noble cause of Zionism.”

In other words: The ZF is yet another ‘Israel can do no wrong’-fanclub which, like all of these organizations, uses propaganda (i.e. “efforts to change this biased narrative so that we can continue our vital advocacy work to Educate and Empower more people to Engage in this battle of words”) to achieve its ends.

At the other end of the ‘Israel hooray/Jewz are the best peoplez who can do whatever they wantz (lulz)’-propaganda spectrum, there are the true gutter trash organisations such as the Sussex Friends of Israel (the following three tweets are rather self-explanatory):

Roughly the same level of lack of decency is displayed by the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA)

and by the North West Friends of Israel (NWFOI)

A related story about Dennison. Speaking of propaganda and hidden agendas, it should also be noted that the BBC seems to be involved:

As far as Jewish news/propaganda organisations who are plotting the downfall of Labour and Corbyn are concerned, The Jewish Chronicle, Jewish News and Jewish ‘Uri Geller with a jug’ Telegraph

Uri Geller with a jug — who would have thought it!? Jewish Telegraph homepage, August 21, 2018

and their concerted and utterly outrageous and slanderous ‘United We Stand, Together We Fail’ effort to paint Corbyn as an “existential threat” to Jews. Instead, the threat that Corbyn’s Labour poses is to something else entirely:

So much for bringing many of the enemies of progress in the Jewish community, who are all acting as at least unwitting proxies for the apartheid and war criminal rogue State of Israel, out into the open.

The Damage Done So Far

Even though they do little but hurl around largely baseless accusations and doubling down on them, these enemies of progress and effective mouthpieces for the apartheid and war criminal State of Israel have already done considerable damage, as pointed out by the fantastic Jonathan Cook:

It is precisely the promotion of a “kind of anti-semitism”, as opposed to real anti-semitism, that has just forced Ken Livingstone to resign from the Labour party; that empowered Labour’s Blairite bureaucracy to publicly lynch a well-known black anti-racism activist, Marc Wadsworth; that persuaded a dissident comedian and supporter of the Palestinian cause, Frankie Boyle, to use his TV show to prioritise an attack on a supposedly “anti-semitic” Labour party over support for Gaza; that is being used to vilify grassroots movements campaigning against “global elites” and the “1 per cent”; and that may yet finish off Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, currently the only credible political force for progressive change in the UK.

An Analysis of Those Affected by AS Hysteria

Interestingly and to my surprise, I discovered that David Icke (yes, the David Icke with some generally questionable views) who is himself a victim of anti-Semiticism smears has done an on point analysis of the minds of those affected by the AS-hysteria — by which I mean both those who disseminate these smears and who believe in their own virtue signalling bs as well as their victims:

Starting at the 7:45 mark:

The Zionist hate groups wont debate with ye … even though they throw mud and bile at ye … The Labour MP … refuses to debate with me. Kick It Out refuses to debate with me. None of them will debate with me …. I’ve offered to debate them all at the same time. Just little me against all of them, in a single public debate. They refuse.
… the key reason they refuse is that they can’t justify what they are doing. With facts. ‘So don’t put me in a public debate where those facts can be highlighted’ and (pause) the way that they behaved can be exposed for the outrage that it is.

12:55 mark:

…the coalition of the clueless, the coalition of the spineless and the gutless … support you, in demonizing your target, while doing no research whatsoever into what you are saying is true …

14:55 mark:

reason … it’s to control the narrative

Not very surprisingly, the author of these lines himself was accused of anti-Semiticism by someone who is not quite up to speed. Having just studied Mr. Icke’s analysis, I was curious to find out why that individual could possibly fall for such transparent claptrap. Here is the brief and self-explanatory conversation that ensued (in case you should discover her identity, please do not take it out on her; she is just a sad example of how the masses have been dumbed down by 1% controlled mainstream media):

So much for some revealings insight into the groups who are spreading anti-Semiticism hysteria in Britain and into the minds of those affected. As with all sicknesses and problems, the proper treatment consists in eliminating the roots of the sickness or problem. I would consequently suggest and ask that we start the treatment by spreading the word about the disseminators of that particular disease and by isolating them as much as possible so that they can do as little harm as possible.

In other words: Kick all of these assholes, traitors and agents of Israel in the above mentioned organisations out of Labour (and the much worse infested Tory Party), out of politics, out of the media and into the next prison cell for treason, espionage or some other charges if that is in any way possible.

Gregor Flock

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independent philosopher (, independent journalist, Global Civil Society Network founder & ed.-in-chief (

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