Why MP Margaret Hodge Needs To Be Kicked Out of the UK Labour Party

Gregor Flock
Aug 17, 2018 · 4 min read

On Anti-Semitism and ‘Anti-Semitism’

Not every charge of anti-semitism needs to be taken seriously, because sometimes, they mask something else entirely. To take it from a former Israeli cabinet member:

A video clip of the respective interview from August 14, 2002, where the above is being said can be found here:

This is also what is happening right now: As many like to say, war crimes committing Israel has now “gone apartheid officially” with its recent and widely protested nation-state law that officially turns all non-Jews into second class citizens:

Hodge’s role in all of this is clear: While she may have some legitimate concerns about actual anti-semiticism, what she effectively does, whether intentionally or unintentionally, is to “cry wolf” in order to a) support the war criminal apartheid state of Israel b) damage UK Labour and c) damage Jeremy Corbyn, while also d) helping the Tories and hence ‘the few, not the many.’

Hodge’s Personal Animosity Towards Corbyn

…over Her Own Failures and Cover-Ups

The spin that Hodge and much of the degenerate MSM give their fairy tales is that ‘big bad Jeremy’ — whose main fault is that he has been ramping up success after success and that he and his people’s movement are seriously challenging the parasites at the top — is an anti-semite who is taking Labour down a wrong and dangerous path.

What Hodge somehow forgot to mention though is that she and Jeremy have a bit of a confrontational history in the Labour party that has amply highlighted Hodge’s shortcomings. This would suggest that Hodge’s actions are most likely primarily motivated by personal animosity towards Corbyn and not by any serious concerns about anti-semitism. To start with, there was this spat in 1995:

More importantly, there was an Islington children sex abuse scandal in which Margaret Hodge appears to have been involved at least in terms of covering it up according to reports (“Hodge knew everything two years before it was exposed”):

But it gets even better, because there was a Labour politician involved in the investigation of that sex abuse scandal that Margaret Hodge may have tried to cover up, and the name of that politician was and is (hold your breath) Jeremy Corbyn:

(from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Hodge#Child_abuse_controversy)

And in good old Britain we of course cannot be having proper investigations into paedophilia now, can we? As such, why not, say (and please note the increasing turn towards the surreal) appoint Hodge to the newly created post of Minister of Children in 2003(!) under Blair and why not, say, launch a mutiny against Corbyn in 2016?

So what is there not to like about Margaret Hodge? She is by all appearances an unhinged and vindictive multimillionaire Blairite (i.e. controlled opposition), a shill for the war crime committing apartheid state of Israel, and a ‘Dame’ who may very well have been involved in covering up cases of paedophilia that Jeremy Corbyn had the audacity to investigate.

Hodge’s anti-semiticism charges against Corbyn can thus easily be identified and dismissed as being motivated by 1) little but the personal vendetta of an unhinged and egotistic person that has zero sense of priorities and perhaps also by 2) secretly working for the state of Israel. In case the latter sounds too far-fetched, you may wish to take a look into the Shai Masot affair

a photo of Israeli spy Shai Masot

or the documentary The Lobby.


Meet Margaret Hodge, the Twitter trendsetter

Speaking of Hodge’s mental unhingedness: She not only displays a Hillary Clintonesque and psychopath-like inability to attribute blame to oneself in seriously wondering why (oh why!? “Is this fair?”) the Labour party could possibly have launched an investigation against her (cough, backstabbing, cough):

To further cement her mental unhingedness, Hodge even doubled down on all of her previous hyperbole and slander by making the utterly outrageous claim that this labour investigation made her “think about treatment of jews in 1930s Germany.

And thus, a Twitter “cult” that goes by the name of #HodgeComparisons was born.

A short selection of the many very fine and creative examples of ripping the completely unhinged (or bought off) Margaret Hodge a new one are as follows:

So instead of asking the intended to be distracting and divisive question “Is Corbyn (Labour) anti-semitic?”, it would be best if we do not fall for that transparent divide and conquer scheme of the parasitic ‘elites.’ Instead, I think that we should get a little bit creative ourselves — for instance by asking “Is Margaret Hodge secretly working for Israel?” or “How deeply is Margaret ‘(former) Minister of Children’ Hodge involved in UK paedophilia rings?”

conceiveable creative subtitle for the background picture of Hodge’s Twitter account (August 17, 2018): “Yes kids, *this* is where I covered up the sexual abuse of other kids!”

Above all, however, we should ask “When will the utterly unbearable Margaret Hodge, who is basically begging for the following measure, finally be kicked out of the Labour Party?”

[I also intend to write a second part about the IHRA working definitions of anti-semitism which Labour obviously should not adopt in full.]

Gregor Flock

Written by

independent philosopher (univie.academia.edu/GregorFlock), independent journalist, Global Civil Society Network founder & ed.-in-chief (www.gcsno.org/my-blog/).

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