Will There Be A Western Powers Backed Chemical False Flag Attack in Idlib, Syria?

Gregor Flock
Sep 10, 2018 · 2 min read
from http://www.softpanorama.org/Skeptics/Political_skeptic/Neocolonialism/War_is_racket/Neocolonial_wars/Syria_war/douma_gas_attack.shtml, accessed Sept. 10, 2018

I have already mentioned in an article from April 2018 that a) the possibility of a Western powers backed chemical false flag attack in Idlib is definitely there and that b) this may very well lead to a dangerous military confrontation between Russia and the USA in Syria.

Now that the Syrian Army has started its offensive against Idlib on September 9, 2018, the signs for both of these possibilities are definitely picking up again:

False Flag Attack in Idlib Imminent (“911”)?

In line with other propaganda efforts and maybe in preparation for what is to come, youtube has banned Syrian media channels:

Chances of a Military Confrontation Between USA and Russia Increasing:

As I have also stated before already, the involved Western powers would immediately and without and proper proceedings blame any chemical attacks, whether genuine or merely staged, on Assad:

Their feigned concern for human lives and human rights is easily seen through though, for if they actually were concerned about human rights, they would not be delivering weapons to Saudi Arabia which is killing off the civilian population of Yemen by the millions. The replies that the propagandist for Empire Nikki Haley received in response to her tweet were accordingly:

The conclusion to be drawn here is quite obvious:

In their sheer arrogance and indifference, the psychopathic and parasitic powers that be may very well go ahead with their plan though. As such, since the date would be fitting, understanding that this is a long shot and hoping that I am wrong, I predict a false flag attack for September 11, 2018, the potential third “911” after the one in Chile 1973 and the one in the USA 2001.

Gregor Flock

Written by

independent philosopher (univie.academia.edu/GregorFlock), independent journalist, Global Civil Society Network founder & ed.-in-chief (www.gcsno.org/my-blog/).

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