NFL players know what they are getting into when they suit up
This is an unpopular opinion but NFL players know what they are getting into when they suit up.
babatunde powers

Anyone who reached the NFL in the last five years should know, but this isn’t about those people who play the game from 2012 into the future — it’s about the 1000’s of boys and men who played during the decades when the NFL claimed the dangers didn’t exist, actively discouraged research, and deliberately left out salient facts they were clearly aware of, just as they continue to do so in 2017.

This article points out that every NFL team was also complicit, with management and “medical staff” (dammit, we really need a sarcasm font) colluding to subvert player safety.

Human beings make a lot of poor decisions. Look at the millions of Americans who started (and are still starting) to smoke cigarettes in spite of the inarguable dangers. Playing football is inherently dangerous, but that won’t stop everyone from playing.

This isn’t about anyone forcing people to play the game, it’s about a multi-billion dollar industry that deliberately and with forethought spent decades denying the dangers, and which continues to do so today.

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