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How about a lesser film like “The Osterman Weekend, which was based on a Robert Ludlum novel (Jason Bourne’s creator) and starred Rugter Hauer, Craig T Nelson, Dennis Hopper, Meg Foster, Helen Shaver & Burt Lancaster, and directed by the legendary Sam Peckinpah. It’s a movie where John Hurt took his character from benign to creepy, from protective to dangerous, and I couldn’t take my eye off Hurt when he was onscreen — not for a moment.

The movie itself is watchable if you’ve already read the book, (I had) but if you went in blind you’d probably come away thinking what Roger Ebert did: “ I do not understand this movie. I sat before the screen, quiet, attentive and alert, and gradually a certain anger began to stir inside me, because the movie was not holding up its side of the bargain. It was making no sense.”

Screw the rest of the movie. come see a young(ish) John Hurt show some quietly stunning acting chops.