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I agree in part. I, too, buy almost all my meat from providers who have chosen to raise their animals sustainably, and seafood I get from PDX Flying Fish, which lives by the Seafood Watch bible.

But I’ve never understood the argument that cross-breeding is inherently “natural” but bio-genetics is not. Why is a beaver dam, built for beaver’s purposes deemed as natural, while dams constructed by human beings for human purposes are somehow “unnatural”?

Human beings are just as much a natural creature as beavers are, so why do we decide that our constructions are somehow unnatural?

I agree that as thinking creatures who have the ability to destroy the world we share with all other living things we bear a higher responsibility, but that’s why I eat what I do, and shop where I shop.

And even though I’m in my mid-60’s and have seen a lot of the sad things humans are capable of, I’m not willing to fall into the cynicism required to assume Impossible is evil until it proves otherwise.

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