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“If the guy who — and please don’t fight me on this — gave us the very best James Bond of all time”

Sorry, the fight is on.

Daniel Craig was a phenomenal choice for James Bond films made in the last 15 years, but elevating him over Sean Connery, who played the same role more than half a century ago, is just silly.

“Casino Royale,” Craig’s debut in the role, was completely different in tone, style and special effects from any of the Connery movies. Society has changed, geopolitics have changed, and the character of Bond has changed along with them.

I can imagine a 30 year old Connery playing Bond in “Casino Royale” because other roles he had showed his ability to to play everything from comedy (Time Bandits) to cold-as-shit ass-kicker (Outland). I don’t have any evidence to show me that Craig could have owned the role in “Goldfinger” or “From Russia With Love” the way that Connery did.

We can agree Daniel Craig has been an awesome James Bond, but comparing that role with the Bond films made from 1964–1967 is just crazy.

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