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I’m really tired of all the bitching about how Bill Simmons is a Boston “homer” and the attendant criticism of what he writes. I’ve known Bill is a Boston fan for over 15 years, and I stopped caring about that at least a decade ago. I like how he infuses facts with personal opinion.

This piece points out that LBJ may well surpass MJ as the GOAT, and I am happy to agree. I’ve been watching NBA games since 1959. I saw Russell (and Cousy and Sharman) as well as Wilt, Rick, Oscar and so many more. (I never saw Mikan play. I still regret that.) I saw MJ throughout most of his career. As a (then) Pistons fan I watched him grow into something incredible and dominate the NBA in a manner no player had managed since Bill Russell.

LeBron has been otherworldly in a career of excellence that runs for 14 consecutive years, including 6 (probably 7) consecutive NBA Finals.

Anyone who thinks that LBJ can’t possibly surpass MJ as the greatest NBA player of all time, hasn’t been watching.

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