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My next younger brother and I saw the original the day it was released, in November of 1973. I was 20, he was 19. We loved the film, but were also creeped out by it. As two avid Sci-Fi readers who devoured the genre, the first question we asked each other after we left the theater was: “What if they really did wake up? Would they be alive?”

I haven’t watched the HBO show yet. I’ve been very interested, but also quite wary. I’ve read many astonishing and provocative works of SF & Fantasy over the last fifty years, but even though my current film library exceeds 3,700 movies, I doubt I could come up with a “Top 25” list of SF/Fantasy films; there just aren’t that many. This review feeds my hopes. If the writers really do intend to explore such issues as trying to define the differences (if any) between “artificial” and “human” intelligence, and how human beings deal with that new knowledge, then I will be all in.

Write on.

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