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“The Academy … turns 89 on February 26. It isn’t easy to change at that age.”

Change isn’t easy at any age. It is often driven by outside forces; evolving circumstances that make the current path so uncomfortable that we take the next turn to see where it leads. The immediacy and ubiquity of social media presented the Academy with something it wasn’t prepared for: a backlash against the “Same as it ever was*” behavior of aging white males judging movies by standards that were no longer relevant.

Full disclosure: I am an aging white male who finds the disconnect between the MPAA and reality to be very disturbing.

I enjoyed the hell out of “Deadpool.” I paid to see it three times. I hope to see more films with the sense of irreverence at the heart of “Deadpool.” But if it had been nominated for Best Picture I would have felt the need to question the sanity of anyone and everyone who voted for it.

The Academy is changing, however slowly, but I hope it never changes so radically that a film like “Deadpool” is afforded that level of respect. I loved it, it was fun, but by no measurement of mine was it a great movie.

*The Talking Heads still matter!

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