Retrospective: Takeaways from MIT Hack Medicine’s Hackathon

Gregory Johnson
Dec 4, 2018 · 8 min read
A snapshot of the APP concept I made during the hackathon.
We used User Stories, Stakeholder Mapping, and Defined Key Performance Indicators

Identify, Then Define The Problem

(We broke up into teams of 2 to accelerate our idea delivery)

Building a Feasible Business Model

A map of cities with specific populations.

Getting the Data To Build The Provider Search

Wireframing, User Flows, and Solutions

The judges watching a team present their idea.

Preparing a Presentation

Getting Feedback For Improving

Demo of AirCare Self-Reporting Feature

What’s Next?

Gregory Johnson

Written by

I believe in cities as platforms for innovation. I manage projects and build digital services. Also, work at Microsoft.

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