Kalkulus is a blockchain project with its own cryptocurrency (KLKS), a digitally deflationary asset that allows anyone in the world to execute instant and secure P2P transactions.

KLKS is a POS (Proof of Stake) cryptocurrency, meaning that the validation of the new blockchain blocks is guaranteed by the coins existing in the wallets connected to the internet and enabled for staking.
The choice of the Proof of Stake protocol, combined with the possibility of setting up Masternodes through the immobilization of 20,000 KLKS, allows investors to create a continuous passive income.

I’ve known Kalkulus project for some time. After studying…

Kalkulus è un progetto blockchain con una propria criptovaluta (KLKS), un asset deflazionario digitalizzato grazie al quale chiunque nel mondo può eseguire transazioni P2P istantanee e sicure.

KLKS è una criptovaluta POS (Proof of Stake), in cui la validazione dei nuovi blocchi della blockchain è garantita dai coin contenuti nei wallet collegati ad internet ed abilitati allo staking.
La scelta del protocollo Proof of Stake, unito alla possibilità di costituire dei Masternode tramite l’immobilizzo di 20.000 KLKS come collaterale, permette agli investitori di crearsi un reddito passivo continuativo.

Conosco Kalkulus da diverso tempo. Dopo averlo studiato e seguito sui canali…

Kalkulus is a blockchain project whose founder defines as a “deflationary digital asset”.

Kalkulus most known feature is its own cryptocurrency, whose consensus protocol has changed from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake in April. The former is based on the computing power, while the latter envisages the validation of the new blockchain blocks which is “guaranteed” by the coins already included in the wallet. Choosing the new Proof of Stake protocol, as well as being able to implement Masternodes, allows investors to create a passive income with steady rewards (stakes).

Kalkulus allows anyone around the world to carry…


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