Thanks for reading and responding Rick Fischer.
SF Ali

I didn’t read the whole article (don’t know why it was forwarded to me). But I did read this part:

P.S. At least I use my own picture. You’d be too lucky to be George Clooney. Not cause he’s a bona fide A-list Hollywood leading man, but because it’d mean you’re Mr. Amal Alamuddin (read: the lucky husband and soon-to-be baby daddy of one of the greatest human rights lawyers of our time, who just happens to be a proud Muslim woman of color, AKA member of a class of human being constituting the single greatest existential threat to white supremacy and toxic fragile cisheteropatriarchy). You ain’t Clooney. You’re a clown and a coward who just got sonned. Chemical burn. Boom.

If the person you’re complaining about wrote the above — I agree with you. The above illustrates an underlying pettiness of mind, anger, tendency to seek revenge, and violence!

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